BC Teenager Takes Life, Suffered From Homophobic Hate

A 14-year-old boy from Langley, BC sadly took his life yesterday. The young man, Lucas Good, was reported missing from school for two days, and when his parents were contacted, his mother informed the school of his tragic suicide. According to his mother Marsha Good, Lucas left a note to be found in the house which describes his intention to drown himself in a lake due to his inability to cope with what he called “sinful and shameful desires”.

I spoke to one of Lucas’ classmates, Rodney Di Nunzio, who told me that Lucas was gay and struggled with being closeted. Lucas grew up in a very conservative Christian home, where he would have been pressured to keep his identity a secret. He also was known to attend Shepherd’s Mercy Church. The church has received complaints in the past from LGBT persons who say this church is homophobic, particularly citing church leadership’s role in protesting same-sex marriage laws in the early 2000’s.

Youth suicide is a very serious issue for the LGBT community, as LGBT youth are known to contemplate or attempt suicide at a rate around 3 times higher than their heterosexual peers. Lucas’ sudden passing warrants a serious investigation of his school and church communities to ensure these can be safe environments for LGBT young people.

More will be reported on this tragic story as it develops.

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