Church Denies Teen Funeral, Holds Hateful Sermon Instead

Shocking news out of Langley, BC today as Shepherd’s Mercy Church announced that it would not be holding a funeral for 14-year-old congregant Lucas Good who died by suicide late last week. What makes the story even more outrageous is that Pastor Howard Lake went one step further to state that instead he will be preaching a sermon next Sunday on the “dangers” of homosexuality.

“As we can see, our community has been irreparably hurt and damaged by the lies our culture tells us about homosexuality,” claimed Pastor Howard Lake in front of his congregation earlier this Sunday morning. “That’s why next Sunday I will be presenting a Bible-based message on God’s truth about homosexuality.” Pastor Howard then went on to recommend young people bring friends to attend the sermon, in order to prevent further tragic suicides such as Lucas’.

Based on information from his suicide note and reports from his school peers, Good was a closeted gay young man who struggled with self-acceptance because of homophobic messages he received from his church. There is no doubt that by doubling-down on this rhetoric, Shepherd’s Mercy Church will only make the situation for vulnerable LGBT people worse, not better.

A social action to counter the actions of Shepherd’s Mercy Church is being planned in order to memorialize Lucas Good properly and to show a better way to those who may be influenced by Shepherd’s Mercy Church and other religious groups like them. More details to follow tomorrow, right here on this blog.

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