Announcing the “Funeral 4 Lucas”

The more I have reflected on Lucas Good’s story, the more it has been deeply impacting me. Make no mistake – Lucas’ inability to accept himself in life, leading to his unfortunate death by suicide, was something that was taught and instilled into him by the very communities that should have been developing and growing him as a person. The systems that drove him to the edge are continuing to operate without remorse for their actions, meaning it is doubtlessly only a matter of time before we lose another young person in similar circumstances.

For this reason, I am spearheading a social action – the “Funeral 4 Lucas” – in direct response to the decision made by Shepherd’s Mercy Church and Lucas Good’s parents to refuse to hold a funeral for Lucas Good. Led by myself, a number of queer activists and my supporters will be staging a mock funeral directly outside of Shepherd’s Mercy Church during the exact time when Pastor Howard Lake is scheduled to deliver his callous and hateful anti-gay sermon. All who wish to support Lucas and his memory are welcome to attend.

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