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Hello, readers.

I have faced some criticism recently that I have been exclusively covering the Lucas Good and F4L Movement story at the expense of other stories that are relevant to our community. I have also seen people claim that the statement the F4L Movement is trying to make has been made by now, and as such the time and energy of the F4L Movement should be spent elsewhere.

While I recognize that this story has dominated my attention for this month, I want to make something very clear. My intention for my activism, my blog and my podcast has always been and will always be about seeking justice and advocacy for LGBT people. The F4L Movement is a significant part of this, because it marks a point in our society where justice has yet to be served. The F4L Movement has become so much bigger than being centered around any one family or any one church. The F4L Movement is to honour all LGBT lives we have lost to religiously motivated homophobia, not just locally, but around the world. So long as there are people suffering in silence, the F4L Movement will be there to speak out on their behalf until our religious institutions stop pushing our young people along the path of suicide. If it takes years, it takes years. If it takes decades, it takes decades. There is no expiry date on social justice.

Moving forward, you can expect to see episodes and articles on different issues that are relevant to the LGBT community. However, that does not mean that the F4L Movement is done with. I will absolutely continue to push this movement onward and I hope that even as we turn our attention to additional topics, you will continue to stay on this course with me.

Thank you,

Zachary Stiles

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