The Question Podcast, Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Question with Zachary Stiles. Today’s episode was supposed to be with Berenice Chalmers. However, due to health-related reasons, Berenice was unable to make it. Our guest is Pastor Howard Lake from Shepherd’s Mercy Church. Please be advised that due to the nature of our conversation, today’s episode may beContinue reading “The Question Podcast, Episode 3”

The Question Podcast, Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Question with Zachary Stiles. Today’s guest is Marciella Guzman, a friend of Lucas Good’s. Thank you all for your continued support. TRANSCRIPT: Zachary: Welcome to episode 2 of The Question with Zachary Stiles. My name is Zachary Stiles, and I am a queer activist, journalist, and blogger based inContinue reading “The Question Podcast, Episode 2”

Video Response to John McIntyre

TRANSCRIPT: Hello, this is Zachary Stiles. I’m filming this video because, well, I feel a sense of urgency to respond to a statement that was released yesterday that has been going, I guess you could say viral. So, a congregant of Shepherd’s Mercy Church named John McIntyre wrote a statement that was posted on theContinue reading “Video Response to John McIntyre”

The Question Podcast, Episode 1

I am pleased to launch the first episode of my new podcast, The Question with Zachary Stiles. My guest on today’s podcast is Marsha Good, mother of Lucas Good. For more information on today’s topic, please visit the Funeral 4 Lucas website at TRANSCRIPT: Zachary: Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Question withContinue reading “The Question Podcast, Episode 1”

Announcing the “Funeral 4 Lucas”

The more I have reflected on Lucas Good’s story, the more it has been deeply impacting me. Make no mistake – Lucas’ inability to accept himself in life, leading to his unfortunate death by suicide, was something that was taught and instilled into him by the very communities that should have been developing and growingContinue reading “Announcing the “Funeral 4 Lucas””

Church Denies Teen Funeral, Holds Hateful Sermon Instead

Shocking news out of Langley, BC today as Shepherd’s Mercy Church announced that it would not be holding a funeral for 14-year-old congregant Lucas Good who died by suicide late last week. What makes the story even more outrageous is that Pastor Howard Lake went one step further to state that instead he will beContinue reading “Church Denies Teen Funeral, Holds Hateful Sermon Instead”

BC Teenager Takes Life, Suffered From Homophobic Hate

A 14-year-old boy from Langley, BC sadly took his life yesterday. The young man, Lucas Good, was reported missing from school for two days, and when his parents were contacted, his mother informed the school of his tragic suicide. According to his mother Marsha Good, Lucas left a note to be found in the houseContinue reading “BC Teenager Takes Life, Suffered From Homophobic Hate”

Welcome to!

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new site,! I am incredibly excited to start this blog. Thank you to all the people who have supported me throughout the years. This site is going to be where I tell the stories that matter to our communities and boldly challenge those in power. My goalContinue reading “Welcome to!”